Sound Off

Sound Off for April 28

Anyone know?

Is there any place that offers or teaches classes of healthier ways of cooking? I believe it would be a big success.

We're the best

There you go. Mississippi is not last in this category. We have the best legislators money can buy.

Thanks, police

We would like to thank the Ocean Springs and Biloxi police the departments for doing a wonderful job on the escort they provided for our father from St. Elizabeth Seton church to the Biloxi Cemetery on the day of his funeral. Thank you again.

Lights, please

Who is in charge? How do you locate the building called Singing River Academy after dark? The sign is not lighted since the name change of the school changed. Come on, Pascagoula-Gautier school district. Also, I wonder if it would be possible to get the dumpsters emptied regularly where the car riders load in the evenings.

Let us know

When vehicular accidents happen, fatal or not, why is it they always report if the person or persons are wearing seat belts? Why not report if the person or persons were texting at the time of the accident? It is very easy to verify. After all, texting and driving is against the law just like no seat belts. The citizens deserve to know this.

Overpass, please

How many more people have to lose precious loved ones at the intersection of U.S. 49 and Mississippi 53 in Lyman? I think it's time to demand MDOT build an overpass on 49 there for through traffic to avoid 53 altogether.

What's the problem?

Police say a dispute between two members of a suburban Philadelphia church during a Sunday worship service ended with one person shooting and killing the other. The shooter had a permit to carry; the dead victim was unarmed. Guns in church; what could go wrong?

Bipartisan whiners

What a great article in the Sunday Parade explaining the way delegates are chosen and the rules they should abide by. Being in my eighth decade of life and having voted in every election since I was legal. I have never seen the games being played like this one, and by both parties. On one side is a candidate that just seems to whine because he is losing and on the other side is one that has verifiable record of everything but jail time. What is wrong with everybody? Mark Twain explained the presidential nominating process best when he said, "If voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it."