Sound Off

Sound Off for April 26

Please explain

Parents, why is it OK to let your child sit in a restaurant screaming? If the parents aren't smart enough to take the child out, the restaurant management should demand it. Why should one child be allowed to disturb an entire restaurant?

Big laugh

Your Sunday editorial urging the State GOP leaders to do the right thing must have given them a real laugh. Remember this is the same leadership that took campaign contributions earmarked to defeat Democrats and spent it defeating fellow Republican Chris McDaniels.

Leave no wake

It hurts my heart to see the marsh grass in Old Fort Bayou being pummeled by large boats dragging big wakes. When the wakes of these boats impact the shoreline, clumps of the marsh grass breaks loose and then disappears below the surface. Is there any way to protect the environment from those who do not care or maybe do not have a clue?

Turn it down?

Right outside Dollar General this evening close to 5 p.m. there was a car parked and the music was very loud. A police car drove up Dedeaux past Dollar General and did not even stop to tell the person to turn it down. I know he could have heard it even if windows were up. So much for "Turn it down or pay up."


My daughter gave my mother a Memory Book when she was 94, she lived to be 6 days shy of 100, and during those six years she wrote about her life, memories, the Depression, (born 1907), and it was a gift from heaven to us to read about her life, memories, family, marriage, etc., etc. So if you want something special when they are gone, give her a memory book to write in for you to read later.

Look west

Thank you Bill Crawford for your article on the Republican money train. Now, if all Mississippians will stand up, face west and take a deep breath, you will smell the odor from the financial mess former Louisiana Gov. Jihndal left behind. If Mississippi keeps going as we are; keeps electing the same people and ignoring what they are doing to our state, we will be wallowing in a similar mess brought to us by our Governor and his cronies.

Bad idea

Just watched a panel of experts on CNN discussing who Hillary Clinton should choose as a VP running mate. One of the experts said Micheal Bloomberg. The article in Sunday's Parade section said the constitution says the electors from a given state cannot vote for a president and a vice president that are both from their state. Hillary and Bloomberg would lose the huge number of electoral votes from New York, which is usually a slam dunk for the Democrat nominee. So much for expert pundits.