Sound Off

Sound Off for April 25

Silent majority

Thank you, Sun Herald, for publishing the list of business that oppose Christian values. We are the silent majority and we can now see those whom we may decide to not do business with!


I was going to do some research to find and boycott the companies who are either boycotting Mississippi or complaining to our Legislature about my religious rights that are being protected. But lo and behold, all I had to do this morning was walk out on my driveway and pick up my Sun Herald, and there they were listed in a front-page story. They are now on my refrigerator for quick reference. Won't be doing business with any of these.

Unreasonable attack

So many panicking about HB 1523, but there is basically nothing being changed. The governor and legislators are simply trying to ensure that institutions and persons who wish to have their traditional religious practices protected are not open to unreasonable attack. For instance, do you really want the many pastors among us who decline to perform same-sex marriages placed in jeopardy?

Know your files

The Sunday edition article about computer "hackers" discussed the experiment of dropping 300 USB drives at random on a college campus. The experiment revealed that 45 percent were picked up and plugged into computers. This was attributed to mostly human nature (curiosity). That's correct. The best advice is NEVER open any file that you do not have solid confidence that the contents are harmless.


The climate-change crowd has tried to say that "97 percent of scientists agree that climate change is a real threat." If you go to you will see a petition that has been signed by more than 31,000 American scientists stating that they do not buy into the climate change hoax.