Sound Off

Sound Off for April 24

Here's your sign

There is a picture on the internet of a highway with a sign over the left lane that says, "If there is someone behind you and no one in front of you, then get out of this lane." Over the right lane a sign says, "Stay in this lane unless you are going to pass." We could use some of these signs here, especially on U.S. 90. Should cure a lot of road rage.

Smacks of hypocrisy

Dear Governor and members of our great Legislature: What island do you live on? It is against federal law to discriminate against anyone. How is it you can go above federal law? To use religion as a crutch to discriminate is indeed a sad state of affairs for our politicians. Would you refuse the LBGT community membership in your political party or support you in a political campaign? Looks like you are hypocrites and you damage the image of our state, or at least what's left of it.

Do as I say, not as I do

Our country will have almost doubled the national debt under the Obama administration's guidance, and what do I see on television? Our leader in Europe giving economic advice.

Beware the real Trump

Beware Trump 2.0. If he gets to the White House, you will see the real Donald Trump come back out again. The real Donald Trump is what we were seeing until his handlers reined him in.

Any other great ideas?

So, legislators, what's your next move to undermine Mississippi's image, sabotage its economy, and keep it at the bottom -- pass legislation to keep the $20 bill out of Mississippi?

Bamboo question

My " Clumping Bamboo" is turning yellow. I understand it is going to seed which happens from 60 to 120 years. If I cut it down, will it come back?

Unintended consequence

News item: Gov Bryant signs "guns in church." Well, I don't know if it will improve the sermons any, but it sure oughta improve the plate collections.

Poor use of officials' time

Has it ever occurred to Phil Bryant, Phil Gunn, Tate Reeves, and all the "Christians" who feel the need for these laws "protecting" them that maybe there wouldn't be such opposition to them if they acted more like Jesus Christ and treated everyone with respect? I don't see anyone expecting anything other than to be treated equally and afforded the same rights as everyone else as per the rulings of the conservative Supreme Court. Why is it Christian views are taking up the time of the elected officials, which everyone's taxes pay for? Their time would have been better served dealing with education funding, as is overwhelmingly indicated by the ignorance and hatred that continues in Mississippi.