Sound Off

Sound Off for April 23

Not as flashy

The reason Merle didn't get as much publicity as Prince isn't because he wasn't as great and influential. It's because his hat wasn't as flashy.

Bad combinations

Drinks to go is a great idea. What are you going do when guns come out? People have disagreements. Guns and alcohol do not mix.

Not happy

Here is something I hate, Cable One's new box-less channels. Unless you order, you can't find what's coming on. It doesn't really make a difference because there are not enough choices. Why can't things be left alone? I was happy the way it was.

Common sense?

State legislators voted to refuse services to members of the LGBT community and then pass a law to allow folks to bar hop with alcoholic beverages in to-go cups. Alcohol kills. Where is common sense?

What kind of mind

I hear supporters say Donald Trump speaks his mind and they like him for that. Then he has to retract his statements. He also speaks mostly incomplete sentences, while speaking his mind.


Tell everyone to watch out. Today I had a very authoritative voice tell me I was in trouble with the IRS, and I was about to receive a call from the Treasury Department because I owed back taxes. Since I had already paid my taxes and didn't owe anything because we pay estimate tax I just banged down the receiver. I was told to call the number given to me. I don't follow their instructions because I know this is a gotcha scheme. Hang up, hang up.

Please explain

I enjoyed the Cal Thomas article in Sunday's paper and was not surprised that Sen. Thad Cochran is once again the "king of pork." At a time when we have a $l9 trillion debt, he requested 709 earmarks costing taxpayers $l.9 billion. Between FY 2008-20l0, he requested both the highest number and dollar amount. I also read where our lawmakers in Jackson want to borrow $250 million and at the same time want a tax cut, and out of that money they want to give Ingall's $45 million. Why?

What it's coming to

Again today, the editorial page is full of letters from supporters of the state's new "right to discriminate" law, against the LGBTs. They quote the Bible, describe themselves as warriors for God, and express indignation that anyone would disagree with their religious sharia. The courts will find this odious law unconstitutional, and then they will whine that it's unjust that they can't codify their unlawful discrimination. That's what it is coming to.