Sound Off

Sound Off for April 21

Legislature at work

Well there they go again. Your Republican-controlled legislators are busy giving corporations big tax cuts while borrowing $250 million (a bond) to cover expenses. Oh, and don't forget the big cuts to state agency budgets, especially those that serve the public, like the Department of Health. Public education is being underfunded, too. Guess they're busy following their national leaders.

Beyond acceptance

It seems as though gays will not be happy with just being accepted. They expect you to be happy about it and celebrate them.


I would like to thank the Sun Herald for the Puzzle Fun book in Sunday's paper. I love the puzzles in the paper, they keep my mind active. I am an elder, and I am confined at home. I live for the paper every morning just to work the puzzles. So thank you again for putting that in Sunday's paper. May God bless you.

Our lips are sealed

My husband and I travel a good bit and when we are visiting other states, we have always been proud to share information with others about what our state has to offer. Now, with all this bad publicity what will be the repercussions/backlash from all this when we are at restaurants, etc.? We will keep our mouths shut. Thank you, Legislatures and Senators.

More important issues

Gulf Coast mayors and tourism officials have a much more serious problem than the passage of HB 1523. The endless reports of crimes committed have reached the boiling point. It is past time for someone with leadership skills to call a summit of elected officials, law enforcement, tourism folks and clergy from across the entire Gulf Coast to attempt to find a solution. When I have to consider whether of not I will endanger my life while shopping, dining out, jogging or going to a parade, something is wrong.

Roll call

While I don't personally agree with same sex marriage, it is the law of the land. The passing of house bill 1523 has set Mississippi back decades. I don't think Phil Bryant would have signed this bill if he was facing another election. There are 14 House Representatives who represent the districts in the three coastal counties; according to the roll call, 10 of these elected officials voted "for" House Bill 1523, while four voted "against." Make yourself aware of the 10 who voted for this bill and make certain that you vote "for" their replacement next election.