Sound Off

Sound Off for April 20

Big part of bill

I guess you missed the part about employees of a business being able to cite religious beliefs as a reason to discriminate. It's a pretty broad and prominent part of the bill.

Born that way

Surely our GOP leaders know that some people are born with the gender indecisive and some with both genders. Seems they just don't want to face that fact.

What's the difference?

So, you think it's OK for rock stars to refuse to perform based on their beliefs? Tell me again how wrong it was for the photographer, the florist and the baker that did the same thing?

No good choices

Trying to choose who would make the best President from the remaining candidates is somewhat like picking which was the best "Police Academy" movie ... There are none.

Stop speeders

I live in Jackson County. I have called the Sheriff's Department a number of times complaining about speeders on Forrest Crest Lane. I have been told they would patrol the area more regularly. It is just a matter of time before a child is hit or worse.

End of story

The rest of the United States hears about the new bill HB1523 in Mississippi and perceived it to be against . . . against people. End of story. Who wants to go spend money in a state that passes a bill against people? And then the state calls it a "religious freedom" bill? There is no separation of Church and State here in Mississippi.

No place in democracy

The recent Paul Hampton piece shows the fallout from the "religious right to discriminate" bill, as passed by our super majority state legislature, is just gathering steam. The bill's supporters keep saying it's all "much to do about nothing." Folks, that bill legalizing discrimination is not nothing. It's Bible Belt "sharia," and doesn't deserve any place in a democracy.

Restore the Sound

There is no question about the need of repairs to Mississippi's roads, bridges, infrastructures, etc. However, money intended for another purpose should not be spent on these repairs. The Mississippi Sound is in grave danger from the oil spills -- British Petroleum, has given millions of dollars to repair the damage of a massive oil spill -- this money should be spent on restoring the Sound. It is unknown what foreign substances are at the bottom of the water and what dangers they threaten to the fishing industry, swimmers, the wildlife, etc. There needs to be extensive testing and information about this. Everyone who loves the Gulf Coast should be involved in the effort to correct this. Indeed the fishing industry, the tourist industry and the Coast depend on this.