Sound Off

Sound Off for April 19

Actions, not words

President Obama misses no opportunity to showcase what he thinks he has accomplished. Being effective is like being a gentleman. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.

Ponder this

I think we can all agree God loves everyone, but does everyone love God? If everyone did, then we wouldn't have to pass laws to protect people's faith in him. Think about it!

Great extra!

Thanks for the really nice puzzle supplement on Sunday. That's a great way to add value to the paper.

Anyone know?

Is there any restaurant on the Coast that serves fried crawfish the way they cook them in some Cajun restaurants in Louisiana? Tastes so good!

Reading is important

Bravo, Karen Nelson, for the wonderful story that ran in Sunday's paper regarding helping children to read. Reading is so important in helping them to succeed in life. The dedication of the Turners is commendable. Does anyone know of such a program in the Ocean Springs area? I am very interested in volunteering in such a program, and I am sure there are many others who would love to help.

Read up

"Thinker's wanted" criticized the governor "for allowing people to carry a Bible and a glock into church." Here is a thought -- read the bills. The bill is very limited to a specific church allowing only some specific people to be armed for security purposes. And the other bill has a few limited circumstances where in an individual business in a specific situation (based on religious beliefs) one might be denied, not all services but a specific service. And how often will that happen? Haven't heard of a case on the coast yet.

Give grads a chance

My son graduated from college recently. He has been applying for jobs in his field that he received his degree in. All he is being asked is how much experience do you have? Well that is a stupid question. Don't kids go to college to get a degree in a specific field to hopefully land a job in what they went to college for? How can you have experience when you just graduated from college? Why can't new grads get hired and prove themselves? So, in other words, it almost seems to me, why go to college if you can't land a job. It's a catch 22. It doesn't make sense. It's a shame. My son wants to work, has a college degree, but little experience. I can't believe the excuses he has been given on the interviews he has been on. Give college grads a chance.