Sound Off

Sound Off for April 18

Security guards?

Wondering about this new church gun law. Why can't churches just hire a security guard when there's services at the church?

Make them pay

Fines should be doubled for those who don't think they need to wear their seat belts. Every day we read about folks, especially teens, being ejected and killed for not wearing seat belts!


We live in Wildwood subdivision and once again we had to leave our home because of inconsiderate neighbors. We took a drive around at least 7 subdivisions and the only noise we heard was low music from a garage. When are the police going to patrol through neighborhoods, especially on weekends?

Saved a life

Sending a huge thank you to the staff of West Marine in Biloxi. Your response to my call on Saturday and your actions to help my husband certainly saved his life.

Solemn advice

Prayers for the families in tragic car accidents. In 1982 my drivers' education instructor taught me one thing I will never forget about wearing a seat belt: It is easier to iron out the wrinkles of your outfit/dress from wearing the seatbelt than your face and body if you are ejected. Seat belts save lives!


Taking scripture out of context to justify your personal views on any topic is wrong. To find out what God thinks about homosexuality, read the entire first chapter of the book of Romans.

Needless law

We are making awful laws causing hate to accommodate a few. Anyone working in a government department that won't follow the law of the land needs to quit the job. Their religious ideas cannot over rule laws of the United States. As far as bakers go, they can always turn customers away as their right (no shirt no shoes etc) and people can always sue as their right. People in business should understand this.