Sound Off

Sound Off for April 17

Good letter

Bravo, Emily Beardslee, for your fine letter in Friday's paper! Well said. Discrimination is a two-way street.

Shops require shoppers

To all those calling for new businesses for Pascagoula, Moss Point and Escatawpa, you need to look at history of our areas. Back in the 1960s, Moss Point was a thriving town. It had a clothing store, a drug store, barber shop, a lumber yard, two hardware stores, a furniture store, a grocery store and two banks. Where did they all go? They died from lack of business. The people did not support them. People would rather go to Mobile or the Biloxi area to shop. With this attitude you will never find someone willing to invest their money in a failed area.

Protect heirlooms

What disturbs me most about Thursday's protest against HB 1523 in Jones Park was the man holding his family Bible out in the rain. I have a very old family Bible, and as a preservationist I know those heirlooms must be kept dry!

Thinkers wanted

What is wrong with our governor as well as other elected leaders. Now one can carry a Bible in one hand and a Glock in another. Now we can deny good people service, as well. We are going backward. We need leaders who can think responsibly. Where are you?

No business, as usual

Visit Bay St. Louis, Pass Christian, Gulfport, Biloxi or Ocean Springs and you will see a thriving downtown economy with hustle and bustle, visitors and foot traffic. Long Beach is so far behind. Our no-energy-or-excitement governing body just goes through the slow motions of business as usual. Why are we lagging? Do we have an economic-development person to ignite our downtown area so we can retain businesses there now and recruit more? Spot zoning here, there and everywhere is not healthy. Dollar stores here, there and everywhere is just not for a productive economy. A thriving economy is a must to keep our high taxes from increasing. Let's go, Long Beach.

Proud American

Recently I was in a funeral procession taking a veteran to the Biloxi National Cemetery. Traffic came to a respectful stop as we passed. We drove U.S. 90 with police escorts all the way to the cemetery entrance, where the police stood at attention as the procession drove by. At the cemetery, six airmen in full uniform moved the flag-draped casket and placed it in a place of honor. They folded the flag and presented it to the window. Then the gun salute, followed by playing taps. Through our tears we felt such pride in the magnificent tribute to an old soldier.

Modern-day scourge

Jesus was despised and defamed by the powerful of this world just like present-day Christians, but at least he wasn't sued.