Sound Off

Sound Off for April 16

Minimum interest

California is raising its minimum wage to $15 per hour. The state's hourly minimum wage, now $10 per hour, will start slowly with 50-cent increases, then expand to $1 per year increases until 2022. And not a single Republican voted for it.

Entertainment is service

Could someone explain to me how the entertainer who pulled out of a Biloxi show over HB 1523 is any different than the people who are for the bill? Isn't the entertainer refusing his or her service to gays, lesbians, heterosexuals, blacks, whites, Hispanics, rich, poor, etc.? Isn't that ever worse than what HB 1523 does?

Incognito cars

I have really enjoyed the recent comments about the use of headlights, as opposed to daytime running lights, when the weather is inclement. I have also observed that the vehicles least likely to be illuminated are also the ones most difficult to see in semi-darkness: Beige, taupe, black, earth tones.

Things that bother me

I am very disheartened to hear about travel and entertainment bans in Mississippi, due to the hate and bigotry law. Most of the people I talk to on the Coast do not agree with the stupid law, but we are being punished. Also, I am very disheartened to hear about animals suffering and unjust punishment that does not fit the crime. If the man who roped neck his dog and dragged it behind his truck is reading this, I wish you had gotten 20 years in prison and a $50,000 fine; now that would be just.

Doesn't grow on trees

Bernie Sanders' supporters like his promises of a lot of "free stuff." They need to know that the money for the "free stuff" comes from capitalism, not socialism.

Capitalism works

Many complain about greed in capitalism. It is in capitalism that greed does the least harm. If you buy a product or service that is inferior due to the producer cutting corners to maximize profit, you stop buying that product or service. If you see a politician who peddles influence for money, you don't vote for that politician. Under socialism, greed exists at its worst. But in socialism there is little or nothing you can do to punish the greedy. You may be happy with your newfound equality but you will be equally miserable with those around you.

Not all protected

If HB 1523 were really about protecting the religious freedom of business owners, it wouldn't limit the protected beliefs strictly to those regarding sex and gender identity. What if a Muslim baker didn't want to bake a cake for a baptism, christening, Christian wedding, etc.? They would have no legal protection under this law.