Sound Off

Sound Off for April 15

Anyone know?

Will the city of Gulfport be spraying for mosquitoes? This has been the worst year I can remember but I have not seen the truck.


So Bryan Adams cancels his show because of perceived prejudice against LGBT, but he had no problem performing in Egypt where being gay is illegal. No hypocrisy here.

Time for change

Here we are again, another bad decision and a lot of wasted time and effort. Maybe it's time for a change in Jackson and elect folks who care about its citizens.


Last night from around the substation on Dedeaux Road down to the Dollar General, subdivision was blacked out. Kudos to the electric company that had it back on just shy of an hour. Thanks, guys!

Study up

It appears you missed the point of another entertainer canceling in Mississippi. Learn to read for the meaning of the article, before commenting. Otherwise, you are just promoting the idea that Mississippians really are ignorant bigots.

What happened?

Today's culture is so black and white. I love you/I hate you. I'm your bff/I'll destroy your reputation. Everyone needs to be tolerant except if they disagree with me then they are racist/prejudice/intolerant. What happened to civil discourse? I don't get it.

Wrong direction

This all reminds me of the words of a great movie, "Inherit The Wind." Because fanaticism and ignorance is forever busy, and needs feeding. And soon, with banners flying and with drums beating, we'll be marching backwards. Backwards!

Bad impression

Now let me get this straight, Phil. You sign a bill that, by author Phillip Gunn's own opinion, essentially does nothing. Well, guess what! It has reinforced the perception by the rest of the nation that Mississippians are ignorant bigots. Thanks a lot!

The race is on

It's another rainy day here in South Mississippi, and it seems that even the most hazardous and slick road conditions haven't deterred some drivers from putting the pedal to the metal on the Biloxi Ocean Springs Bridge Motor Speedway.

Starbucks here

Moss Point would benefit from a Starbucks coffee shop in the Escatawpa area. We are already seeing the buzz Starbucks is generating for Ocean Springs, and as there are no (predominant) coffee shops covering the Pascagoula-Moss Point area. This chain would only do good to an area that already supports motels and fast food commerce.