Sound Off

Sound Off for April 14

Bryan who?

Who is Bryan Adams? I for one have never heard of him.


Thank you so much for turning in my vehicle keys to customer services you found in the parking lot at Wal-Mart on U.S. 49. The note you left on my windshield was very nice. My husband is a veteran who served our country. Thank you, again, and God bless you.

Read the bill

Thank you Jennifer Marshall for your commentary referring to Mississippi's religious freedom bill. I am surprised that your column was printed. Now, if the people walking the streets carrying the signs in protest would read the bill and try to understand the reasoning behind it we could live in harmony.

Money matters?

Headlines: "Entertainer pulls out of Biloxi show over HB 1523." Article: "Entertainer objects to some businesses refusing service to gay couples." The article then says he recently had concerts in India, where it is illegal to be gay. Really! Then the article says only about 40 percent of the amount of tickets that need to be sold just to break even for the event have been sold. I guess the really outrageous law in India was ignored due to a big payday.

Moving on

We will be sad to have to sell our home and move to another state because of HB 1523. We are unmarried seniors in our 70s living together. We cannot afford to get married because my companion would lose her deceased husband's benefits: health insurance and money we need to live on. Wondering how many other unmarried couples are living together in the same situation in Mississippi?

Flare disposal?

Boats are required by law to have flares in case of night time emergency. There is an expiration date on each one and after that time they won't pass Coast Guard inspection. If you dispose of them in the trash can and the trash truck compresses the load, it could start a fire. Harrison County's second Saturday "hazardous disposal site" will not take them, so, what is the safest way to dispose of flares, smoke canisters and shot gun type flares?

Don't get mad

My husband, father and father-n-law all served bravely for this nation. They were willing to die to defend the Constitution. My husband fought for all people to have rights. What Bryan Adams and the other people, who are boycotting Mississippi, fail to realize is that shop owners have rights as well. They do not surrender their rights and beliefs just because they get a business license. I am proud of Gov. Bryant remembering this. Please, stop looking for things to get mad about. The world will be a better place.