Sound Off

Sound Off for April 13

Words matter

"Much ado" is totally wrong. Words matter and those hateful words are now law. Who will they go after next?

Good news

So, the Canadian rocker's'prejudices will keep him from the Crawfish Music Festival. Good. Now I'll be more inclined to attend.

Has it happened?

I do not support this bill, but I am curious. Has anyone heard of anyone being denied service anywhere in Mississippi since this bill passed?

Serious business

In today's world, if the righteous religious follow the new law to the letter, they will have many less customers. Sex outside of marriage will be the problem for them, not a few same-sex marriages.


I wonder if HB 1523 says anything about putting up signs in storefronts or government offices that say they support the bill or are against it. It might help people know what businesses they want to go to or government offices they can or want to go to.

Don't do it

While reading the story about Amanda Clark, the teenager from Oakdale, Calif., who was killed while texting and driving, I wondered if anybody has ever been taught how far a vehicle travels in 1.5 seconds at 45 mph? Do the math. Texting while driving is not an option.

New leaders needed

The cancellation of entertainers has started. What next? Companies that were considering Mississippi are not going to come here? This law puts our state back to a time best forgotten. The only answer is repeal or elect a new state government not biased to people with different lifestyles. It's the Christian thing to do.

Too long

It seems as if the time used to campaign for president gets longer every four years. I would not be surprised if a candidate for the 2020 presidential election made the announcement before this election. Is it possible that voters are so tired of the campaigning they don't care if they vote or not?

Enjoy the view

Thanks to whoever is in charge of traffic lights on U.S. 90, which is for sightseeing. Take your time, enjoy the view, watch who is in front of you and those trying to cross by foot or on bikes. It can be a dangerous highway and is not for speeders. That will cut down on accidents.

What it does

HB 1523 does not create any protection for businesses that deny service to a person based on sexual orientation. The law is confined almost exclusively to wedding-related services that may be declined -- and only under certain circumstances. Please stop complaining against something that doesn't exist.