Sound Off

Sound Off for April 12

Where's Tiger?

With all the hoopla and interviews with former champions at the Masters Golf Tournament, what are the whereabouts of Tiger Woods?

Thanks, Coca-Cola

Thank you Coca-Cola for going on record against HB 1523. We sell your products to everyone in all of our restaurants. You see, we'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, too.

Not just Bryant

So far we are all blaming Gov. Bryant for signing that bill, and correctly so, but don't the bills have to be submitted via the state Senate and the Representatives who actually wrote the bill? How did it get past the Senate and House without a majority? Still, Gov. Bryant should not have signed it.

Don't judge

Seems like lots of folks are trying to get on the bandwagon to proclaim how unbiased and open-minded they are on the LGBT issue. Some even think that those who favor HB 1523 are bearers of hatred and discrimination. Don't be so quick to judge. There are many knowledgeable, decent Americans who have well-founded, serious objections to the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage and see in it the opening of a Pandora's box which will do fundamental damage to the basic unit of our society, the family.

Too close

I'm a retired police officer, so I'm pro law enforcement. The other day I had a terrifying experience. I was going north on Mississippi 67, traveling in the right lane at the speed limit. I saw two vehicles coming up behind me. When they got right beside me the first one was a white sedan, the second was a marked Mississippi Highway Patrol Unit. The MHP unit was only a car length behind the sedan but did not have any emergency lights on. At that point, the sedan slowed down so it was right next to me. Then the MHP unit turned on the squelch to their siren and laid on it. The sedan then tried to move over to the right lane. The MHP unit could not have been more than a couple of feet behind the sedan, going over 70 mph. This continued until the sedan moved to the right. Then the MHP unit sped by. Never did the MHP unit have any emergency lights on. I wondered why he had to drive like that.