Sound Off

Sound Off for April 11

Thank you

I truly thank the lord for people like Katrina and Colette White. Their military service makes them champions of our democracy and society, protecting the freedoms so many in the world are threatening. Katrina and Colette are both Godsends for James. I love them both and I know God loves them, too.

Wrong genre

How does a rap group from the '80s get in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame when hundreds of greats from the '50s, '60s and '70s may never get in? I'm looking forward to Black Sabbath in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Abba in the Hip Hop Hall of Fame. Do people know what the N in N.W.A. stands for?

Much ado

The religious freedom thing is much ado about nothing. Gays are not being turned away in droves like they would have you believe. A handful of nuts and troublemakers will use it to further their personal agenda. Don't let them suck you in.

Key to truth

Absolutely nothing is as it seems. If you want the truth, follow the money!


I feel like an orphan; the governor abandoned 99 percent of Mississippians. I have no governor.

Metal detectors?

How long is it going to take our school officials to solve the problem of students bringing guns to our schools? All they need is a metal detector and to have the students go through it before they start school. This would eliminate not only guns but knifes and other dangerous objects.

Right to know

I was very disappointed with Mayor Billy Hewes' response when asked how he felt about HB 1523. What does "I'm done" mean? His statement seems to indicate that he lacks the courage to state his opinion, or he does not want to offend his upstate supporters or local constituents. As the mayor of a city that is so dependent on tourism, he should clearly declare that he and the city of Gulfport are completely and unequivocally against any form of discrimination, period. If he does not feel that way he should clearly state his views on the bill. The voters of Gulfport have a right to know.

The right thing

I wonder if establishing a GoFundMe account has been considered for the courageous young student who informed authorities about the student with a gun. Maybe he can't receive the citizens award to stay anonymous, but a cash award would go a long way to show young kids that doing the right thing has rewards. I'd certainly donate.


The Sun Herald editorial, "Mississippi again is burning as our lawmakers fiddle," is thoughtful, courageous, righteous. The kind of good stuff that America is made of.