Sound Off

Sound Off for April 10

Another line of work

If you're in a business that conflicts with your religious convictions, simply find a new line of work.


Do Christians, believers in Jesus Christ as God's son and followers of his teachings, really believe Jesus would approve of this religious freedom bill? If so, I would like to hear their explanation.


I can't believe our governor signed the biased bill. Perhaps the telegraph was down between here and Georgia where its governor saw the light and vetoed a similar bill. Kudos to the Coast County Clerks who said they'd issue marriage licenses regardless and all the businesses who said their tolerance rules remain in effect.

How about this?

This is for "Private business" who believes that a business owner has the right to do, or not do, business with whomever they like: Do you think it would be acceptable to post a sign saying "No Blacks," "No Handicapped," "No Senior Citizens"? Being gay is not a choice.


Bryant's "convictions" are hurting us all.

Discriminate, not hate

When did discriminate become synonymous with hate? Don't we discriminate between good and bad? Christians don't hate. Our faith is built on love. You want to be able to sue and run us out of business, because we will not change our beliefs.

No force

The Mississippi religious freedom act does not permit persons to refuse service in general, but only to decline forms of personal participation in events that conflict with their faith. If a wedding planner, DJ, caterer, or reception hall owner knowingly and actively participate in a same-sex wedding, they are partially complicit. No one should be forced to do anything that violates their faith.

Good for some not others?

Why is it OK for corporations, businesses, the NBA, NFL, NCAA, etc., to discriminate against certain states by not providing their product or services, but the citizens can't do the same thing? I'm glad these businesses are speaking out. I know which ones to avoid. Would you really eat a cake that the government forced someone to make for you?

Establishment clause

The recent furor over an individual refusing service to a gay person and the governor signing a bill approving it shows the wisdom of the Founding Fathers when they established the separation of church and state.

Once again

Again, Mississippians have found a way to discriminate against people they perceive are different from themselves.