Sound Off

Sound Off for April 9

Where can we read it?

Please, somebody tell us (the unwashed) where we can read what this disputed bill actually says.EDITOR'S NOTE: You can read the bill at

Who is damaged

Mississippi Republicans refuse to see the changing tide of young people's opinions. I predict that the new law to protect discrimination will do more to damage Republicans and church attendance than the people they have targeted to discriminate against.

Not Christian

To refuse service to someone because of their skin color is discrimination. To refuse service to someone because of their sexual orientation is also discrimination. Any act such as this is not Christ-like and there is no religious justification for it.

Proud of Bryant

I am very, very proud of Gov. Bryant for his stand on the HB 1523. Also his stance on the Confederate Battle Flag. None of this is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court of the United States cannot make law. This fight is against the citizens of this country that stand up for morals and history.

Wrong work

I can respect anyone's religious beliefs, but not their right to judge others. If your job is to serve the public, and you find you cannot serve anyone based on something about them that offends you, then you're in the wrong line of work. Maybe it's time to find another job.

Get to work

The president is doing his job by nominating a Supreme Court justice and the Senate is not doing its job of fairly considering the nomination. I don't care about past wrong or unjust decisions. What I am disgusted with is the current irresponsible and childish behavior of the immature adults involved in this process. Get over yourselves, grow up, and get to work.

Put up a sign

How about if businesses who do not agree with the new discrimination law post a sign saying "We do not discriminate"? That way we would know which businesses to patronize and which ones to stay away from.

True Christian

One of our life-long friends died last month at age 90. He was a valued friend through grade school, high school, college and beyond. He served in the Merchant Marine in World War II. He was a valued and talented high school teacher in a large metropolitan area: he was gay. When his partner became seriously ill he cared for him until his death. When his mother became feeble and ill he cared for her until the end. He loved his mother dearly for her care and tolerance. No one, saint or sinner, could have been a more considerate Christian.