Sound Off

Sound Off for April 8

How can you know?

Gov. Bryant said that the majority of the people in Mississippi wanted that hateful new law. How can he know this without an election? South Mississippi seems to be showing they are not in his camp.

New state motto?

Mississippi, the great bigot state of hostility.

Love thy neighbor

I believe if a business can deny service because of their religious beliefs they should have to post this on their door where it can be seen before entering the business. This way those of us who are against prejudice can spend our money where "Everyone is welcome." If people really follow the Bible it says love one another and not to judge.

Great reads

Out of the shadows. Thank goodness for the Sun Herald reporters telling it like it is. Charlie Mitchell and Catherine Rampell wrote eye openers that should be read by all Mississippians. Good job!

My protest

I will organize peaceful protests for any business that decides not to serve someone to protect their individual religious beliefs. Keeping you in business and sending as much business your way will be my mission.


Thank God the bill protecting my rights as a Christian are now protected in Mississippi. Everyone who yells "discrimination" does not understand the bill. No one should be forced to go against their religious convictions in any line of work. Go find an atheist to bake your cake.

Dashed plans

My spouse of 22 years and I were looking forward to our Coast trip for my 60th, but have canceled our three-night trip to Biloxi completely due to the new state law against LGBT people. Very sad.

Anyone know?

Many years ago, I think it was the Department of Transportation who bought out the Hancock Bank next to the Mississippi 53 and U.S. 49 intersection. They also bought the gas station, the car lot on the other side of the road and several houses in that immediate area. Since then nothing has been done with this land other than tearing down the buildings that were there. Does anyone anywhere know what their plans are or were for this land?

Private business

As a nation founded on libertarian principles, House Bill 1523 simply reinforces what we have done for years. If you are a private business or entity you can and should be able to choose who you do business or associate with. If a business posts a sign that says "no green shirts today" that is their right. "No shirts, no shoes, no business." The government should not be able to tell an individual or private business who they have to cater to.