Sound Off

Sound Off for April 7

Peaceful protests

I will organize peaceful protests against any business who refuses to serve anyone based on their sexual identity or preferences. Putting you out of business will be my mission.

Disaster warning

Trump is so used to bullying people with his money that he makes stupid promises that can't work in the real world. He is a disaster in the making.


I am so embarrassed by the House Bill 1523. I cannot believe our elected officials would pass the law and the governor would sign it. Thank you, Scott DeLano, for your vote.

Strong leader

Gov. Bryant had courage to stand for what he believes. That takes strong character. We need leaders that aren't just for protesters against everything.

Rule of law?

Those who passed the unconstitutional law allowing discrimination, are God over country. They care nothing for the rule of law. They are a danger to democracy.

Against my religion

Thank you, Gov. Bryant, for your new law. Thanks to that law I will no longer "serve" the state of Mississippi by paying my taxes. It's against my religion.

Stop it

When will Mississippi stop polluters of sewage from regularly fouling the waters? This mess can be cleaned up, as it is the same source as it always is.

What a country

I thank the Almighty that I live in a country where presidential candidates debate the size of their hands, trash each others wives, verbally abuse each other, and the most important by far, I can vote Democratic.

Who's next?

I'm so happy that the governor signed the Religious Discrimination Act. Once again we will be last in the nation on something else. Let's try to think of other people that we can discriminate against. . . . Maybe someday, we can discriminate against, well, you!

Lost us

A very sad day for us and for Mississippi. We have just canceled our future reservations in Gulfport and Biloxi thanks to the discriminatory law just passed by your governor. We visit the Gulf Coast on a monthly basis from Tampa, Fla. No more!

How's that working out?

Have you heard, from official sources, how the new law against cell phone use and texting while driving is being complied with? I have notice in my daily travels to work and back, about 1.001 percent of the drivers on the roads are obeying the new law. Hopefully the rest of the state is doing better than here on the Coast.