Sound Off

Sound Off for April 4

Lights on

I have really enjoyed the recent comments about the use of headlights, as opposed to daytime running lights, when the weather is inclement. I have also observed that the vehicles least likely to be illuminated are also the ones most difficult to see in semi-darkness: Beige, taupe, black, earth tones.

Thank you

Sun Herald, thank you for your editorial this morning about the bill giving public employees the right to violate the constitutional rights of gay and lesbian citizens. I wonder which constitutional right the Legislature will next vote to deny. I also wonder how the legislators would react if one of their employees, who was not of the Christian faith, decided not to serve a customer because of that employee's non-Christian religious belief. Bet they would not practice what they preach. However, this and other foolishness coming out of the Legislature likely will not hurt our ttate's reputation. After all, we are and always have been the poster child for prejudice, and are already on the bottom.

Extra payment

This may sound trivial, but ever since we incurred a rate increase for our water usage, the city also makes us use our own envelopes to send payments. Sure, you can pay online, but you will incur a convenience fee of approximately 3.5 percent of your bill amount, or an e-check fee of $2.50 per check. Can't they offer (free) bank transfers similar to other utility agencies, or at least provide envelopes so we can send in payments? All of my other billing agencies provide these services, even charitable organizations. Can't the city at least provide envelopes; I'd much rather pay the price of a postage stamp than third-party fees.


What's up with the Gulfport VA property? Apparently the investors due not have the money to renovate it if they keep stalling looking for free tax money. Who's paying for the upkeep, insurance and loss tax revenue now? The citizens of Gulfport? Time to move on Gulfport.

Don't bite

The article by Paul Hampton about federal aid hit the nail on the head. Mississippi sucks the life out of the federal coffers. Those that have the audacity to criticize our federal government should think twice. You don't bite the hand that feeds you!


Another example of liberal illogic: Obamacare requires all citizens prove they are insured. But there are many people living here that don't have to prove they are citizens!


Follow the research instead of spinning it. You even concluded your understanding of the facts with how man is actually causing damage to the coral reefs around the world.