Sound Off

Sound Off for April 3

Time for a change

After reading the story about the boy and his BB gun in Gulfport School District, maybe it's time for a change. Maybe you need to take your stand like you said, and vote on a new superintendent and school board. Sometimes people are in positions too long and get too comfortable. New blood is always a great thing! Gulfport could use some. You said you felt things were not done properly. Do what you feel is right, then. Fight for what you believe in. Parents need a change as well as teachers. Don't be afraid to send your children to school, though. Good luck!

Sauce for the goose

Speaker Gunn, I am a Catholic. Will this bill allow me to discriminate or deny service to adulterers, fornicators, liars and thieves? And if I'm sued, will you come to my defense? Have you noticed what just happened in Georgia? Mississippi cannot afford this kind of foolishness.

Already degraded enough

Will there be a list of businesses that will be discriminating based on religious beliefs? Even though I am heterosexual and married to the opposite sex, I still abhor discrimination of any kind and I don't want to promote any action that contributes to degrading Mississippi further than it already is degraded.

Zealotry's the danger

Even your very-right-of-center SCOTUS said sexual orientation is not a reason to discriminate. However, religious zealots feel compelled to use state legislatures to legalize discrimination. I think we should use state legislatures to legalize discrimination against zealotry. After all, zealotry is far more dangerous then sexual orientation.

Follow the research

I agree with Mr. Beardslee's letter: Assumptions, predictions and theories based on an agenda are not science. We have been told for a decade or two that "global warming" was destroying all of the coral reefs. Did anyone read the article last week of an actual study of the health of our ocean's coral reefs? They are doing quite well and are pretty much the same as they were a thousand years ago. The places where they have a problem are a few places where man has interfered with over-fishing and other activities.

Disaster looms

Donald Trump said it was a long, convoluted conversation that he couldn't follow and he then said, "Women need to be punished for abortions." He's a disaster and the voting public needs to stop him.

Tell it like it is now

March was just one more month added to the 73 months of job growth in the private sector -- you know, the job growth Republicans say isn't happening. I'm thinking the people who got those jobs know it is, including the 503,000 health-care jobs coming out of that "job killer" -- Obamacare.