Sound Off

Sound Off for April 2

No service, no discount

If you come into my store and request a military discount, be prepared to show me an authentic military ID. Just because you work on a local base and possess a civilian badge, you are not entitled to a military discount. Some customers have the audacity to argue they are entitled to a military discount because they are employed on base. If you have not donned the uniform and therefore possess a true military ID, do not ask. Period.

Working the system

My neighbors in Long Beach purchase their car tags in Hancock County although they have been Long Beach residents for years. Our taxes are high enough; we cannot afford to have these people continue working the system. If you live here, pay your taxes here.

Sticks with issues

Some complain that Trump seems to always change his statement within a day of saying it and suggest that may be a problem to foreign leaders. The same people easily forget that Trump, at least, stays with the issue until he gets it correct. Strong military. Make foreign leaders with their hands always out, pay their own way. Destroy ISIS quickly before further proliferation. Trump is totally different from the Obama-Clinton apology tour.

They'll get tougher

Well, Donald. If you think that was a long convoluted question, how are you going to handle the questions a president has to answer?

Made a difference

When North Carolina and Georgia wanted to pass "religious liberty" laws so citizens could deny services to LGBT citizens, some big corporations objected. PayPal, Bank of America, Dow Chemical, Time Warner Cable, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, UPS, Disney films and Marriott -- and, Gov. Deal vetoed his bill.

Kids just want love

Why can't people just learn to accept and respect others for the people they are and not judge? We've come a long way since the '50s. There are thousands of children out there that need loving, caring homes with two loving caregivers willing to go that extra mile for the care and safety of that child. Children today are more accepting; they don't really care about sexuality as we see it. They just want love and security and a place to call home.

Laughter or pity?

The world is laughing at Donald Trump and at the U.S. -- or maybe they feel sorry for us.