Sound Off

Sound Off for April 1

Lot of nerve

Hillary Clinton has a lot of nerve to insert her two cents in about Trump's campaign manager. She needs to take a good, long, hard look at herself.

Sanders is tired, too

Once again a reader cited Trump as the only candidate who is "sick and tired" of the way things are going here in the U.S. He is not the only candidate touting change. Bernie Sanders is saying the exact same things as Trump, but with more dignity and without the hate. Listen to him and you will see what I mean.

Watch out

There might be a disconnect between Trump's ears and brain. He seems to always change his statement within a day of saying it. Heaven help us if he is misstating to foreign leaders!

If only

If you want to make some money selling baseball caps, then design one that says: "Make the Saints Great Again!"

Something wrong here

You know our justice system is broken when a man can kill an unarmed man with a sword and the grand jury fails to indict him.

Line in the sand?

Several years ago Delbert Hosemann staked claim on the sand beach, saying it belonged to the state of Mississippi and not Harrison County. This week I saw several crews from Harrison County cleaning up the sand beach at the expense of the taxpayers. Maybe it's just me, but if Delbert says it belongs to the state, then Delbert should be footing the bill to keep the beach clean, just as MDOT pays to keep the sand off of U.S. 90. Maybe it's time to shake up the Jackson establishment!