Sound Off

Sound Off for March 31

Is it necessary?

Remember the day when a car with no muffler or loud muffler got you pulled over or given a warning to get it fixed? Is it really necessary for cars, trucks and some motorcycles to be so loud? These people disrupt a lot of people with their noise pollution.

Avoiding the question

I hear these people say they support Donald Trump because they are sick of the way things are going. Please tell me, which way do you want them to go ? If you get Trump for president, he knows nothing about foreign policy. Nada. Most of the time he never answers a question. The media has not followed up when he goes in the opposite directions with answers.

Have you forgotten?

In reply to "I'm a fan": You forgot to list the conditions that "you-know-who," President George W. Bush, left this country in when he left office. This is where it started. Also, how we forget that Donald Trump file bankruptcy four times.

They're there already

You have got to be kidding me. Supposedly, there is a bill working its way through the Legislature to "allow" guns in churches? Believe me when I say that virtually every church in Mississippi has plenty of guns in it every Sunday morning already, and we don't need the Legislature's permission to have them. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave, and we take care of ourselves with our own guns already.

Putting in hours

I have no problem providing affordable health care to my employees. Been doing it for years. For other companies, how many man-hours did it take you to do the paperwork for Obamacare reporting? Sixty employees took us about 10 hours.

Pretty isn't essential

Interesting story today on bridge lighting. District engineer Kelly Castleberry said there's is not a set timeline to fix the lights and that it's considered aesthetic lighting, which has a low priority. I'll tell you what is aesthetic. It is the string of lights under the bridge. They serve no function and are in the category of nice to have, not need to have. The money spent on the electric bill, maintenance. and bulb replacement could easily provide the funds needed for this above-bridge lighting. Let's be honest: It is pretty, but in tight times, who needs it?

Unpredictable lights

I am a firm believer in driving with lights on in the rain, but I can give a fifth reason why people drive with no lights. My lights are supposed to come on automatically but for some reason do not always come on when it's raining. Sometimes I don't remember to look because it does not happen all the time. I have driven a good distance with no lights before, and it horrifies me when I discover this!