Sound Off

Sound Off for March 30

Not so great

While Rep. Karl Oliver was insulting a Mississippi citizen with whom he did not agree, suggesting she go back to Illinois, where she came from, he kept referring to "The Great State of Mississippi." Truth in advertising requires that people quit referring to "The Great State of Mississippi." There are some great people in Mississippi, but Mississippi is not a great state; it is not even a mediocre state. It is an inferior state, thanks to politicians like Rep. Karl Oliver.

I'm a fan

Many citizens, including those "RINOs" (Republicans In Name Only) are complaining and bad-mouthing Donald Trump. I say to you that many, many patriotic citizens, including yours truly, are going to vote for him on Nov. 8 if, in fact, we are given the opportunity to do so. Although he goes a bit overboard at times, it appears to me that he is the only candidate who is thoroughly sick and tired of the way things are going in our great country since Jan. 20, 2009, when "you-know-who" took occupancy of the Oval Office.

The terror-fied

All of our most visible Republican celebrities are laser focused on the optics of how Obama should act/look over terrorist attacks. What it shows me is that terrorism works well on Republicans. They are terrorized.

All access

Maybe Apple should have consented to help the government get into the terrorist's iPhone. Now that the government has the means of doing it, it surely will be published on YouTube anonymously by someone not authorized to speak publicly for the government.

Cable connection

In answer to the March 28 Sound Off concerning the Cable One channel guide, Google the following: Cable One Channel Lineup. Follow the link and enter your location.