Sound Off

Sound Off for March 29

Why no lights?

We had an occasion to drive 70 miles this past Sunday. It rained constantly during daylight hours. We noticed several cars driving in the opposite direct without headlights on. I suggest that there are four reasons why people do this: 1. They forget to turn on their headlights. 2. They think they would forget to turn them off and this will result in a dead battery. 3. They think they do not need headlights because they can see the road clearly enough. 4. They simply do not care about other drivers not able to see them. This situation is true for cars driving in the same direction with regard to tail lights. Sound Off readers who do not turn on their headlights in the rain, please respond.

Retired on duty

Mr. Obama has displayed a lack of interest and responsibility during the final year of his tenure, especially with regard to terrorism. In the military, a soon-to-be-retired person showing the same lack of interest in his duties is said to be "retired on duty." Obama fits that description.

Support officers

No indeed, police officers' names should not be released in shootings or reports on who made arrests. Too many hotheads with guns are taking matters into their hands, killing or harming wrong person. Attitudes would change if our father, mother, sister, brother, husband, wife, son, daughter or ourself was trying to up hold the law. We need to support law enforcers.

Everybody else

Talk about rose-colored glasses. The stock market affects only those who invest. A great many Americans who quit looking for work are not included in skewed government employment statistics, and wages are not going up for the hard-working Americans who pay for that "free" Obamacare.

The ultimate level

I'll continue to believe my eyes, which have been telling me for the past 47 years I've lived here on the Coast that the sea level is not rising. I also know that the oceans of the world are all connected and, because they are water, only the tides and local winds and/or rainfall conditions can change their level temporarily. Water is the ultimate and perfect level.

The nerve of them

In response to "Eye of the beholder:" Excellent point. How dare those evil Republicans even try to represent the people who elected them?

Changing my mind

You are correct and factual about the remarkable accomplishments of this administration, in spite of the constant and senseless Republican opposition. Imagine how much farther along we could be if the Republicans had worked with the president for the people. I used to vote Republican. Now I find that party to be disgraceful and disgusting.