Sound Off

Sound Off for March 28

Eye of the beholder

I think this administration has done remarkably well considering the constant Republican headwind the entire journey. Stock market up, unemployment down, consumer confidence up, gas prices down, eliminated bin Laden, passed a healthcare bill (that could be better considering the sabotage from the GOP). If it were a Republican administration, these would be great a victories.

Crystal ball

Since they have removed the TV Guide channel from Cable one, could someone tell me where I can buy a crystal ball to know what is showing on the TV? By the time I scan through the channels that say access denied and music, whatever I find to watch is half over.

Don't assume

To the person who wrote about the Islamic terrorist and said "We know what they look like. Let's go after them," you must be psychic. You may know what Middle Eastern people look like but you most assuredly can't tell they're a terrorist by looking at them. Muslims are no more terrorists than Christians. You cannot judge every Muslim by what radicals do anymore than you can judge every Christian by what the radicals do. It makes Mississippi look even more foolish to believe you "know what 'they' look like."

Let's be civil

It appears that some of our local Trump supporters are at war, where there are no civilities. I'm not at war. I'm a voter in an election process. The lack of civilities that I see, are coming out of Trump and his supporters.


Right or wrong, why try to change or obliterate history by removing statues? Instead, make sites such as Lee Circle a monument to both those who served in the Confederacy and those who fought for equal rights. Statues of Martin Luther King and others could be added to the circle in recognition for all their work for equal rights.

Thank you

Thank you Warren Paving and Magnolia Striping Company for getting Division Street open in Biloxi!


I agree with the letter to the editor about south Louisiana sinking. However, it is a localized area that is sinking faster than sea levels are rising, as he points out, due to man meddling with nature. Try to pass that off to the residents of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific. He needs to broaden his flawed research to the world level in order for it to be credible.