Sound Off

Sound Off for March 27

A word of caution

I am a veterinarian and I cannot imagine why anyone would want to take his dog to a dog park. You don't know the health status of the other dogs at the park, you don't know the intestinal parasite status of those dogs or their vaccination history. Look at the gigantic canine influenza epidemics in Chicago and Atlanta. Why would you want to expose your dog to that? If another of the dogs at the park decides to attack your dog, are you going to be able to rescue your dog before the other dog maims it?

Time to pay up?

I wonder if the person who wants law enforcement personnel to jump through hoops for a pay raise would be willing to do the same thing in their job?

Stop the coverage

Do we need to read about a felon every day in this newspaper? I think not! He got caught cheating on us taxpayers. I don't care about his trying to continue living in a lavish lifestyle while rest of us struggle to make ends meet. Move on, please. Surely there is more important news.

Work or don't get paid

People who don't work should not be paid and that includes the GOP Congress. The constitution tells them what they should do without any provisions to sit on their hands. Their pay should be docked until they get to work and settle the Supreme Court debacle.

Terrorism must stop

It is truly refreshing to see some comments that the "political correctness" of not profiling is absolutely stupid in a war dominated by the Islamic terrorists. They hold the complete upper hand with the authorities never knowing where the next mass slaughter will occur. The leaders of the affected nations, with their bromides of sympathy and wreath-layings, are doing nothing to stop this continuing slaughter of innocent people. If you haven't been in a war, you don't know what it's like; there are no "rules" of civility.

Career politicians

I see where the GOP establishment's career politicians are to have a big fundraiser for Ted Cruz in Washington. In other words, the big lobbyists will give money in hopes of defeating Trump. Trump's message has been just that, these same politicians are working for lobbyists and not the people. When a person goes to Congress with little wealth and later comes home a very wealthy person, something is wrong. I will support Trump, and my vote better count.

Independent voter

I'm a Harrison County Independent who voted in the GOP primary with a write-in for Gene Taylor, not because Palazzo is "not conservative enough" but because of his irrational uber-conservatism.