Sound Off

Sound Off for March 26


It's kind of funny how people are worried about the noise that an amusement park would bring in, yet aren't bothered by the fire department or train tracks located nearby.

Get on it

When is the world going to tire of all the Islamic terrorism happening all over the world? We are going to have to get together in a coordinated effort to wipe them off the face of the Earth. This political correctness approach just has to be ended. We know what they look like. Let's just go after them.

Another dog park, please

While a lot of good things are on the table to be brought to the area, several of us would like to see some vacant space made into a dog park so we won't have to go to Popp's Ferry Road just to let our dogs run off leash. Between Long Beach and Gulfport would be a great area to take our dogs and meet people. We believe it would be a win-win for all. Please think about it.

Eye for an eye

It is high time that this country forget about political correctness and develop the attitude of an eye for an eye. Every time we have mass casualty from one of their bombers we retaliate by bombing one of their communities. They are indiscriminate so we are indiscriminate.

Prove it

Law enforcement across Mississippi is mostly underpaid but at the same time my opinion is that any increase in pay ought to be strictly tied to performance standards. For example, I'm in favor of personality testing and reading comprehension skills prior to employment, and any further adjustments in pay based upon criteria such as monthly drug testing, semi-annual physical fitness testing, semi-annual performance reviews and annual in-service training in areas such as interpersonal communication skills, gender and race issues. Are you deserving? Prove it.


Politicians can be outrageous hypocrites. You know that if the table were reversed and the Republicans had a president in office with 11 months left and a new Supreme Court justice needed to be appointed, they would be insisting that the president nominate someone and that Democratic senators interview and vote on him or her in a timely manner. Moreover, they would say it would be outrageous, wrong and unconstitutional were Democratic senators to refuse to do so. Hence, it is shameful that the majority of Republican senators are refusing to interview and vote on President Obama's nominee.