Sound Off

Sound Off for March 25

Slogan for you

To "Don't tax me," who thinks that sheriff's deputies deserve a raise but doesn't want his taxes raised to pay for it: Remember the '60s slogan "Next time you need a cop, call a hippie"? I guess your slogan is "Next time I need a cop, I'll call my financial adviser."

Demonstrates the point

Representative Oliver's suggestion that the lady from Gulfport move back to her native Illinois is a demonstration why we are the 50th state in many areas.

Play pickleball here

Wonderful article on Pickleball. It is a great game for all ages although it's often seniors who play it. I would like to let everyone know that we have two lighted places to play in the Pass. The tennis courts at Fleitas and Second and the courts on Menge behind the Pineville School, also with lights. Everyone is welcome to come play, day or night. Hope to see you out there.

Price it right

I'm looking forward to the new aquarium in Gulfport. I hope they keep the ticket at a reasonably low price so locals can take their children. We had to stop taking our grandchildren to New Orleans aquarium, because the ticket prices were too high. Mississippi lawmakers should follow Florida's lead and require businesses give discounted ticket prices to taxpaying Mississippi citizens for attractions.

Back off

As a frequent traveler of the I-10 corridor from Pensacola west to Gulfport, I am increasingly seeing more alarming episodes of what I'm coining as "tailgating trains." This phrase I use to describe the deep lines of cars, trucks and 18-wheelers that accumulate "bumper to bumper" in dense traffic, sometimes stacked 14 or 15 vehicles deep, driving in excess of 80 mph, with barely a car or half-a-car length from the next car. An area in Mississippi I see this frequently is from exit 62 in Gautier eastbound past Exit 50 in Ocean Springs and to the I-110 exit. Basic physics states "only one body of mass can occupy a location at any time," so while "linear speed (traveling 60-80 plus mph) plays a factor in accidents, these "trains" of vehicles turn deadly quick and I assert are the leading cause of most accidents. Stop the tailgating madness. One cannot move eight cars ahead of them by tailgating. If only one vehicle of those eight cars has to brake and its speed drops from 80 mph to 50 mph one's chances of stopping safely logarithmically decreases more than tenfold (it's not safe). Please, for the safety of all, it is of paramount importance to give a "buffer" of space all around you; one car length for every 10 mph traveled. This may save your life, or the life of someone else for whom their life has value. safely, and "arrive alive."