Sound Off

Sound Off for March 24

No gentleman

Sun Herald editorial, thanks for scolding Karl Oliver. One thing. You referred to him as a "gentleman." FYI, every man is not a "gentleman." Karl Oliver doesn't display the temperament or behavior to qualify as a "gentleman."

I concur

I am not a Trump supporter, and I think it has been said before but the Republican faithful do not attack either the Democrats or other Republicans in the manner seen. I do not agree with Trump's statements except that these people are professional trouble makers who were there specifically to cause trouble. They could care less about Trump or any other politician.

Remember when. . .

Tried to record a show we missed because of a conflict. Played it last night and got 40 minutes of the previous scheduled show. Happens a lot. We just canceled the season pass and wrote that program off. I can remember when VCRs were smart enough to know when the scheduled show actually ran.

Anyone know?

The price of windstorm insurance for properties on the Coast is out of sight. Last week a Sound Off writer said we had other options and to shop around. Is there another windstorm pool in Mississippi? If so, please let us know.

Done deal

Folks, the 2016 election is in the bag. Clinton will be our next president without doubt. The Republican elite will spend more time, money and effort to ensure her win than all her foreign investors combined. All she has to do is sit back and watch the Republican Party self-destruct. She might even get in a few rounds of golf while she's at it.

Don't forget

Rep. Oliver said all of the citizens agree with him. He is so very wrong, a great many don't. He is also the embodiment of what is wrong with the attitude of our elected officials in Mississippi. Let's hope he is voted out of office the next election cycle. Don't forget his name.

Why I support Trump

A recent editorial pointed out that Donald Trump has succeeded in doing something that none of the other Republican candidates for president has done. He has inspired the biggest Republican donors to join forces--not for him but, rather, against him. Why? Because the wealthiest Republican donors are happy with the way things are; Trump is not. Hence if you are not happy with the way things are with the Republican establishment in D.C., then you should support Trump. He's their biggest fear.