Sound Off

Sound Off for March 23

Not his fault

Reading the front page story on Scott Walker was almost comical. He sounds like a kindergartener, "Mommy, it's all their fault. I didn't do nothing."

Who to protect

Many liberals want government programs to protect consumers. As a conservative, I want the consumer to be protected from the government.

Support vs. opposition

Trump supporter: "Trump will get us a job!" Trump protestor: "Trump will make us get a job."

Limit needed

Note to The City of Biloxi, 12,000 eggs would have been enough if a limit had been in place for each child. But the total chaos of the event allowed buckets full to be taken by some and none by others.


I served in the military and handled classified material. How ironic to learn that most was misclassified; material was made readily available, without redaction, to anyone via a FOIA request.

Don't tax me

I for one would like to see Harrison County deputies receive a pay raise. However, I have not seen a proposal from sheriff Peterson as to how the supervisors should pay for the increase. I for one would not agree to an increase in my property tax to fund the raise.

Prize-worthy trio

Kudos to Kat Bergeron, Tim Lockley and J. Morris. J. Morris writes the best birding column since Judith Toups died. And Kat Bergeron surely knows her Coast history -- she needs to move back here again. Tim Lockley's column and cartoons are wonderful, I would not miss reading them. I believe all three of them should be awarded a Pulitzer Prize and they would be sorely missed if their columns were not in the paper!

A system

Here's my suggestion for future egg drops. Color-code eggs according to all ages. This eliminates someone hoarding eggs. E.g. 8-year-olds orange, 9-year-olds green and 10-year-olds purple eggs. Divide the group into three age groups 2, 3 and 4 years, go with parents. Five, 6 and 7 together, no parents, and then the 8, 9 and 10-year-olds go last. Surely 11- and 12-year-olds are just too big for this. Oh, and make sure the PA system works and control the parents.

Helping hands?

How sad to hear of the "chaos" during the Biloxi Easter Egg Hunt. Parents could have stepped in and helped control the activity and follow the rules themselves. If my child had a basket brimming with treats, and I saw a child whose basket was empty I would have encouraged my child to give several treats to the one whose basket was empty. If sharing had taken place everyone would have left with an egg or two and a smile.