Sound Off

Sound Off for March 22

Hummingbirds are back

Hey, put feeders out and heads up, hummingbirds are back in Gulfport.

True colors

Trump's supporters show the world every day, what low-brow behavior looks like. They own it.

What they deserve

I've never met a political party that more richly deserved Donald Trump. You are what you whine.


The Harrison County grand jury orders pay raises for deputies and a new detention center for juveniles. How informed can this jury be about county finances? Can't blame county officials for any tax increases resulting from the jury's actions.

Look it up

The egg drop episode in Biloxi reminds me of the best episode of "WKRP in Cincinnati" ever, I believe it was called "Turkey Drop." Look it up on Hulu and watch it, believe me you will not regret it.

Take back roads

Instead of asking MDOT to lower the limit on Interstate, the senior citizen who drives at 60 and doesn't like being passed should get off the highway and take back roads. I'm a very senior citizen and drive happily at 70 in the middle lane.

Here already

Yesterday we saw a hummingbird by our front window. He remembered where the feeders were last year. I went to make some nectar -- too late. But he'll be back. I didn't know hummingbirds were here already. Get ready for them.

A mess

The egg drop at the ball field was a disorganized mess. Children racing over each other with no supervision. Many were lost and frightened and could not find their parents. Very poor planning.


I worked the oil spill, and I received a bad chemical burn. Last year they said they would give me $7,000 for my trouble. I am still waiting and now feel like a victim of the settlement. That burn was a second-degree burn on my skin. Now I have a burn on my soul.

Pick up after pets

Pet owners have a responsibility regarding their pet's acceptance in society. Pets are enjoyable. Beautiful to see them walking in Gulfport's Jones Park. It is unfortunate some owners leave the animals' "business" on the grass and on the walk path. Children are not looking for this as they play and other citizens are annoyed by the inconsiderate pet owners. I plead for the city to require pet owners to pick up after their animals for the health and enjoyment of others.