Sound Off

Sound Off for March 21

Major deficit

I can explain why one state with a Democratic governor is in financial trouble. It's because it had a Republican governor who turned a $1 billion surplus into a $3 billion deficit in the preceding eight years. That's our neighbor, Louisiana.

Actions speak louder

This is for "Gets my vote," who stated that Trump's appeal was due to the fact that the American people are fed up with career politicians. Obviously that is not true. Otherwise, these same people wouldn't keep getting elected time after time.

To care or not to care

Not only was Rep. Karl Oliver's response an insult to all of constituents, he also showed his ignorance. The expression he was trying to use is "couldn't care less."

Basket cases

You're not following the news if you think only Democratic-run states are in the red. California's economy is booming -- in spite of the drought and new taxes that Jerry Brown and the Democratic-majority Legislature passed during the recession. Kansas and our neighbor Louisiana, on the other hand, chose to test the Koch brothers' economic theories and are now basket cases. So is New Jersey, which usually votes Democratic in presidential elections but made Chris Christie its governor.


I am a senior citizen who regularly travels Interstate 10 between exits 44 and 50. I drive in the right lane of this three-lane road at 60 mph. I find it very stressful to have the middle lane next to me driving the posted 70 mph and higher. I would like to have MDOT consider lowering the limit to 60 mph from Exit 44 to three miles eastward. This would reduce the stress on older drivers and improve safety in this congested area.


If I had released (erroneously or not) classified material when I was on active duty in the U.S. Navy, I would have faced a general court martial and might be in prison today. Why Hillary Clinton is still at large and considered for a bid for our country's presidency is beyond my imagination, what was done is called treason.

Civic duty

Thank you to whoever picked up the pile of trash on the other side of our street, and for the "no dumping" sign. That spot is for tree branches and trimmings, not old mattresses and carpets.

Never assume

This joke reminds me of all who get offended before hearing out what one is saying or thinking: A man is driving down road and a woman is driving up same road. As they pass each other, the woman yells out her window, "pig!" The man then yells out his window, "witch!" The man rounds next curve, and crashes into a huge pig in middle of the road.