Sound Off

Sound Off for March 20

Follow suit

Both Panama City and Gulf Shores have passed laws banning alcohol on their respective beaches in an effort to cut down on spring breakers. The breakers spend very little when visiting, and some sleep five to 10 a hotel room. I would like to see the cities along the Gulf Coast do the same. The city governments say they want the Coast to be more family friendly -- do they really?

Something to care about

Rep. Karl Oliver isn't the first person to misuse the phrase, "I could care less." That means he COULD care less, and I feel certain that's not what he meant. The correct expression is, "I couldn't care less" -- meaning he has totally dismissed and discounted what the writer said.

Way to go, volunteers!

It always saddens me to see college students so out of control on spring break. It appears they do not know how to have fun without being drunk. The destruction and mess they leave behind is so very immature and disrespectful. However, there's another kind of spring break that is wonderful. It's the students who choose to do volunteer work and act like mature individuals. The volunteers are the winners.

Wealth of information

Getting someone else to compile wealth comparisons only gives them an opportunity to spin the numbers to reflect what they want you to believe. It would be best to research the before, during and after financial status of politicians yourself in order to get true and unbiased facts and figures. You may be surprised at some facts, but most probably will find most of your assumptions not to be so far off.

Light the way

Please remind the drivers about driving with their lights on during a rainstorm. A lot of the time you cannot see a car coming at you or in front of you if they do not have their headlights on. Also, I have noticed that vehicles with daytime running lamps do not have tail lights, so in a rain you may think you're doing well as your car has daylight running lamps and that covers you. Nope, it doesn't -- the tail lights do not come on when your daylight running lamps are on.

Fine job, Natatorium

If it would give you a lift to hear sounds and see sights of sheer mirth, go to the Biloxi Natatorium on a weekday morning during the school year. There you will see a dozen or more first-graders being taught how to swim. They are learning a precious life-saving skill and a lifelong form of fun and fitness. The kids love their teachers and their teachers love them -- all of which is clear from the shouts of encouragement and the shrieks of laughter and accomplishment. Congratulations to the Natatorium staff for running such a fine operation.