Sound Off

Sound Off for March 19

Will of the people?

What is the point of voting if the party will not accept the person you voted for? What ever happened to the will of the people? So much for voting.

Too much

Who can pay $40 to go to a college baseball game? Need to get reasonable if you want families to attend.

Please explain

OK, explain to us why every state that is a blue state (Democrat) is in the red and that a majority of cites filing for bankruptcy are in blue states. Explain this to us. Please.

Why Mickey's my man

I am a Jackson County independent who voted in the GOP primary. My write-in vote against Palazzo was Mickey Mouse. Mr. Kelly was wrong in his thinking the message was Palazzo isn't conservative enough. His uber conservatism and hypocrisy when he voted against Hurricane Sandy relief and voted to shut down the government and blame the president as he tried to act as a hero at the World War II memorial were my reasons. Mickey for President!


So I went to the Todd Rundgren concert awhile ago and met a woman in the audience that had this beautiful, familiar smell. I asked what she was wearing and she said gardenia. I told her I love gardenia and she said she was from Hawaii and how would I know the smell of gardenia? It's a Hawaiian smell she said. I told her no ma'am it is not. We have two gardenia bushes in our backyard. And my mom grew up with them in New Orleans. It's spring! Just wanted to share!

Facts and figures

I would be interested in a study of both Democrats and Republicans, of all U.S. Senators and congressmen the two presidents and two vice-presidents over the past 17 years to see what their net-worth was before taking office. Compare that to what their net-worth is today and what their salary was during that time period. The study might tell us a little about our government.

Represent us

With all due respect, Mr. Dombrowski, we live in the same neighborhood as those objecting to Funtime. A number of us are for it. It brings back jobs (especially summer jobs for the kids), adds to the tax base and is clean family fun. Why not use your position to work with all before we lose another business to Biloxi. You represent us as well, correct?