Sound Off

Sound Off for March 18

Consider this

If the Republican Senate doesn't move forward to consider our Supreme Court nominee, we should move forward to remove them.

Wrong road

Path traveled vs. Path forward: The path traveled during this current administration is littered with nothing but failures. It is time to change paths. Hillary and Bernie are offering more failures of the same.

Signs here, please

The last two times I have been to the walking track next door to the Margaret Sherry Library there have been dogs there. The most recent time the dog got loose from its owner and ran toward me. I have called the parks and recreations department and was told that dogs are not allowed there. There is no sign stating that. In fact, there are no signs at all. It would be nice to have a sign stating how many laps equal a mile and that dogs are not allowed on the track.

Gets my vote

There is only one reason why Donald Trump is so successful in his bid for president . The American people (Majority) are tired of career politicians year after year promising everything to get elected, and if you don't believe that then that is why you're missing the boat. So if you're not a career politician, and you have no special interest groups to pay off after being elected, then you're my man/woman. Until then, I'm voting for Mr. Trump.

Off the gravy train

I am not going in agreement with many of the policies of the president. However, this is the clear message I am hearing when listening to the rhetoric from the Republican Senate related to the Supreme Court nominations. "Every time the president does his job, I am not going to do my job." Let's get these deadbeats off their gravy train and elect some responsible adults to represent us.


Amidst all the turmoil of shootings, thefts, accidents, natural disasters and the political chaos that we find ourselves slowly being engulfed in, I found a little slice of community heaven. Monday, my family and I went to the 2nd street park. I was surprised to see the park full. There were people of different backgrounds and of different ages there. The basketball court was full of teenagers shooting hoops. The tennis court had balls flying. The open field was alive with a kids baseball team practicing as parents watched. Even a football was being tossed. Kids were running, laughing and playing on the playground and swings. It was a community. There wasn't any race wa, no hatred, no animosity. We were all just people spending a nice day at the park with our families and friends. In that hour at the park, I witnessed a community in the truest sense of the word and in that time, I found a little hope for our future.