Sound Off

Sound Off for March 17

Get to it

How is it that all the presidential candidates who have served or are serving in government stand before the people and claim to have the "fix it" for America's problems? What exactly have they been doing in their elected positions? What have they been waiting for?

Looking to fight?

It doesn't take a lot of intelligence to know that if you go into an opponent's camp and badmouth him, you are looking for a fight. Why not go to the rally for the one you support?

Stairway or highway?

We know there is a stairway to heaven. And a highway to hell. Which way will Donald Trump take America?

Pot, kettle

All the candidates and elected-office holders who say government is incompetent and cannot be trusted are incompetent and cannot be trusted.


For those who feel the Republicans leading this state are doing a great job, explain to me why Mississippi has nation's worst jobless rate? When are these so-called brilliant leaders going to do their job? Please don't blame this on President Obama.