Sound Off

Sound Off for March 16

Reagan was right

I agree with Ronald Reagan when he said: "A government big enough to give you everything you need is a government big enough to take away everything you have."

Path chosen

The path known as the "low road" is clearly marked in the politics of the day. It's disturbing how many voters have chosen that path. Too many have found the low road as an opportunity to put their worst foot forward. Are you listening Trump/Palin fans?

People, not flags

Abraham Lincoln led the United States through its worst crisis, the Civil War. He was one of our greatest presidents because of empathy felt for others. How can y'all judge our state flag being about hate? It's people that hate.

Hang up!

Be careful. Just received another phone call, someone with a very thick foreign accent, telling me my computer was compromised. They had my name. I told them to forget it. Don't encourage them by talking to them. Just hang up.


So the Donald is going to cause a lot of Republican, moderate types to jump ship this year. What say ye about that?

Change I can believe in

You can't blame Trump for the unrest in this country. People are hurting, hungry and homeless due to our lacking economy, while Obama tries to convince us that the economy is good. People are looking for the candidate who will do something to change the downward spiral we are caught up in. The old timers in Washington are sacred that they may lose their hold on the American people. I am cautious of Trump, but given the chance, he will shake up Washington and change the face of politics forever.