Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 13


I ran over your dog today, and I am sick over it. I stopped, but he was clearly dead. Since he was running loose, I couldn't locate his owner. I am sick to my stomach over this and I am truly sorry. Please forgive me.

Don't forget green

Mardi Gras -- State and Ole Miss fans love purple, green and gold. Sorry, LSU!


There is a word that describes Donald Trump, "pugnacious." The candidate least suited to lead in a nuclear world. He's more dangerous than most people think.

One candidate

Of all the people running for president, only one openly admits they do not have the knowledge to look at a document and know whether or not it has "Classified" information.


I don't expect politics all day every day, but in a revolutionary election year like 2016. Thank you Sun Herald for a Friday edition full of politics on the editorial page, and in the Sound Off column.


It is bad enough when a telemarketer calls you. What can be worse than a telemarketer calling and trying to annoy you into buying something? A telemarketer calling you, placing you on hold and asking you to wait to be connected. That is just wrong.


You're right, "Question." Obama did do something good for us. He gave us affordable health insurance, just like Mississippi gave us liability insurance for us to drive our cars. Oh, wait. He didn't actually "give" us health insurance, now did he? He just made a law stating you had to have health insurance, whether you could afford it or not. But that's still a good thing, right?


A few years ago many businesses raised the price of their product because of the high price of gasoline. The price of gasoline is now below $1.50 per gallon in this area, but the price of sandwiches has not dropped. And in the past week, a major airline raised the fare $100 in one day for a round trip to Reno. Now who is gouging the consumer?

Give us signs

I second the question to MDOT about the lack of signs at the south end of I-110 informing drivers which lane to get to use for east-bound or west-bound U.S. 90 (it's backward then what you would expect). I too see people making dangerous U-turns on 90 after they realize they are going the wrong way. When is MDOT going to replace them? And what is up with the two pairs of 40 mph signs on the ramp from I-10 east-bound to south-bound I-110? If you slowed down to 40 you would get rear-ended.