Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 11

Unifying event

Mardi Gras -- the one time during the year State and Ole Miss fans love purple and gold.

Fact check

"It is better to find out than to suppose!" -- a message from Mark Twain to all Sound Off-ers, especially me.

Clear water, please

If Moss Point finds a solution for brown water, I hope they will share it with Gautier. We've had brown water for years. It certainly would be nice to have clear water.

Money's worth

Every time I hear teacher unions or education administrators call for more money for education, I cringe. Throwing money at a problem is never the answer -- unless there is a specific plan on how to spend that hard-earned tax money. Show us results, then we can talk money.

Bad traffic decision

Whoever made the decision to close the downtown Biloxi Loop that goes eastbound during the parade needs to have their job reevaluated. Drivers were instead rerouted to Division Street with insane traffic backups. My mother, who works at the Beau Rivage, had to walk from north of the train tracks and was almost late. Due to multiple road closures and barricades, confusion was extreme. The parades aren't more important than people showing up on time to work. A few people were more than two hours late.

Canal Road questions

I know there was a forum last week where a group of Gulfport city officials and a group of Harrison County supervisors were featured on WLOX and asked what their greatest concerns were. Supervisor Angel Kibler-Middleton said Canal Road was her greatest concern. But what are the answers to resolving Canal Road problem and what is the time line?

Great leadership

Pass Christian may be a small city, but they have a first-class police chief. After watching Chief Tim Hendricks conduct the Monday news conference concerning the shootings after Sunday's Mardi Gras parade, I believe the city should be proud to have such a professional leading the police department.