Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 10

Missing geese

Regarding the missing geese in Diamondhead, I too am perplexed that people are allowed to kill these migratory birds. I live in Windance and last year heard a neighbor shoot, then saw him gather dead geese in a garbage bag. I video taped it, called the Harrison County police and Wildlife and Fisheries. After many days, I was informed the person who shot the geese has a permit to 'cull' the geese. This broke my heart, but also was very confusing, since I have lived here for over 20 years with the understanding we lived in a bird sanctuary. For someone to be allowed to shoot these geese, who mate for life, is unconscionable. One of the mates swam alone for days on our lake calling for his lost mate. Where is the justice here?

Humble pie

Cam Newton is a great quarterback with no class. Newton recently said it's too bad they don't make Band-Aids for hurt feelings. He could have used four or five boxes of Band-Aids after he was pounded into the ground by the Broncos defense. Are you eating your humble pie with one or two hands Cam?

Outstanding claims

I filed a business claim in the BP settlement suit in 2011 and have yet to receive anything firm. My attorney states that the BP side claims to be shorthanded. Isn't it about a time for a judge to step in and give BP a deadline to settle the outstanding claims.

Dear Peyton

So very thankful that you and your wonderful team of Broncos won Super Bowl 50! I apologize for those unthoughtful people who kept discussing that it might be your "last rodeo." Please don't quit. I love watching you play and enjoyed so very much your game yesterday. While Cam Newton thought he was so good, (and he is okay) he is very immature. Was so glad your entire family was there last night.

Lesson learned

There has been much said about Cam Newton's bravado before the Super Bowl . The facts are that a very good quarterback made a fool of himself before the game and proved his immaturity and lack of class afterwards. He is a good quarterback, I hope he learns from this.

What cost?

Glad we are getting jobs to come into this state but at what cost to the taxpayer? The new company Topship is going to cost the state $36 million and we are going to have to borrow $11 million plus interest. Then the state spent $32 million on the property. They said the company will repay us as a lease. And they gripe of smaller government until we need $25 million in federal funds. Then they say they did not factor in the revenue the state has agreed to forego, because it does not exist without the deal. And our state can not fully fund education!