Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 9


Ask my neighbor who was able to get health insurance to cover his daughter with cancer under ACA, or as you call it Obamacare, if he can't think of a good thing that the president has done.

Will it ever happen?

Will there ever again be a sporting event where some famous entertainer sings our national anthem as it was written?


I use my mute button more than any other button on my remote control, especially during ball games. Wish they would fire all of those motor mouths, or color commentators as they like to be called.

The real problem

I am pretty obsessive about passing slower cars and getting back in the right lane. I am greatly annoyed by those left-lane drivers that block the normal flow, but have never found that situation to be dangerous. High-speed lane-switchers are dangerous and the target of law enforcement.

Right-lane it is, but . . .

OK, you're right. Slower traffic belongs in the right lane, so I'll stay in the right lane -- where I belong. But what can I do when I'm as far right as I can possibly get, and you still insist on tailgating me? Answer: I slow down till you back off. If that doesn't work, I stop and kindly allow you to go around on my left. Really, I don't care how fast you go in the left lane, you can do 7 or 700 for all I care. But I do care if you tailgate me while I'm in the right lane. You want to talk about road rage? What if I have to suddenly hit my brakes for a kid in the road or a car pulls out in front of me and you rear-end me?