Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 8

Incentive to change

To "Long and Short of It," drivers might change the way they drive in the left-hand lane blocking traffic (as you pointed out illegally) if troopers and other law enforcement officers begin issuing traffic tickets. People can change dangerous habits with a little help from their friends.

Enforcement needed

Kudos to The Sun Herald for it's in-depth report regarding rules, regulations and the law of left-lane travel. While our founding fathers placed no less than 4400 words in The Constitution, the strength and validity of that document is only as good as those that enforce it. Those of us playing by the rules pound our fists and demand consideration for others and responsible behavior, but change is unlikely in the foreseeable future. Those persons elected and or paid to make those changes will tell you they have bigger fish to fry. There's no enforcement around here. No fines. Onward through the fog. David against Goliath.

Missing geese

Who killed, or mass-moved, the wild migratory geese on the community center lake on Gex Road in Diamondhead? They are gone, even the new baby goslings are no where to be found. Aren't all migratory birds protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Act? Anyone knowing who did this cruel deed, please report them. Most people, especially children loved the geese and we want them back!

Repairs needed

Where do we officially complain about the deplorable road conditions in Harrison County? Driving south on Canal Road from Orange Grove Road to Landon Road is in such a deplorable state. Does Harrison County not have the finances to address the road resurfacing issues? Scooping a few shovels of asphalt into holes just isn't cutting it anymore. Also, when is the paint for the center line going arrive for the mile of resurfaced area on Canal Road North of the interstate? It's been without middle lane stripes for almost 8 months.

Trash can needed

Next to the Palace Casino parking garage is a rock extension with trees and brush. Whoever owns it is nice enough to allow people to use it. However, many people who use it have no respect for other people's property and leave a lot of trash behind. It would be nice if the city put a trash can there and had pickup occasionally. It presents a poor picture being so close to the Seafood Museum.

Lane question

Cpl. Benjamin Seibert didn't quote the preface to 63-3-603 which, in part, excludes roads "through or bypassing a municipality." It appears the law doesn't apply within city limits. Am I right?