Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 7

Ask for ID

I just read in paper about two women who used stolen credit cards. When will stores ask for ID when credit cards are used? These swiping machines at registers make it too easy for people to buy and swipe with no questions asked. Unless you know the person well, ask for ID on credit purchases. And keep your purse in sight of you always.

Service at this station

Who still pumps gas? Hurley Auto in Hurley.

The long and short of it

I've been reading the "left lane" Sound Offs. Three things have been definitely established: Highway driving in the left lane, except when passing, is against the law. Speeding is against the law. And no one is going to change the way they drive, because they think they are right and everyone else is wrong. Can we please turn the page now?

No flag issues here

Who would have thought two different industrial companies would come into Mississippi and bring in over 3,000 jobs? What does that say about our state and state flag now? The state flag did not stop them from coming in or turn them away.

Listen to the words

Last week, Hillary Clinton said she wanted to win the presidency so she could continue the policies Obama has implemented, and she praised his achievements. Maybe I missed something over the past seven years, but I don't know of one positive accomplishment Barack Obama has made. Anyone who thinks he has done a good job is not worthy to be a predecessor.

Service at this station II

The gas station on 48th Street in Gulfport's Bayou View still offers a full-service option.

Keep access to valve

Since Gulfport installed remotely read water meters several years ago, I have noticed many homeowners have let grass grow over their meter covers. Just a reminder -- should you have a plumbing emergency, this is where your main shutoff valve is and it should be accessible.

Memory lapse

You were probably texting, talking or absent when the lesson on left-lane usage was presented. Sun Herald busted that myth with an article about the lane-usage law.


One point everyone knows but is never brought up is efficiency in government. With just a little efficiency in the way state and local governments are run, there would be no reason to raise taxes at all. There is plenty of money on local, state and federal levels to run our government. Do we need eight separate school districts on the Coast? Does Mississippi really need 84 counties? Do we need five agencies patrolling the waters around our islands and Sound? To see why are our taxes are so high, look at these reasons.