Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 6

Get real

Please, Ocean Springs, get off your bandbox. Rent at $5,000 with only long-term leases and no amenities? Where do you think you are, New York, Boston or the French Quarter? By the way, does it come with a doorman?

New topic, please

It is amazing to watch this left-lane nonsense dominate the Sound Off column for so long. Is this the greatest threat Coast residents face?

Leave my flag alone

I would like to tell you about our flag. It is the state flag of Mississippi. You can stomp on me, but leave our flag alone. It's part of history, and you cannot change that. Finished.

Memory lapse

No one has given or stated any statutes in Mississippi law for driving in the left-hand lane, nor do I remember it emphasized in the driver training. Has any law enforcement personnel given input on this issue in the letters or Sound Offs? How many citations have been written for this violation? Emergency vehicles with lights on, do require you to pullover, but for my experience, I don't remember hearing of any drivers pulled over for this in the past.

Drive defensively

Most drivers will move out of the left lane on interstate roads to allow speeders to pass and that's common sense. Regardless of the number of lanes there will be someone who passes on the shoulder if they can't weave through traffic. What is just as dangerous but has not been presented in this column is when you are driving on a secondary road with only one lane in each direction, at the speed limit or slightly above, and the speeders start to stack up behind you. They will pass you at every opportunity even across a solid double line or a curve. Best advice is to drive defensively, and they meet a radar trap.

Bad choices

You have the Donald Trump Reality Show and can't possibly believe any intelligent person believes what comes out of his unfiltered mouth. Then you have Hillary, who thinks we are all just too stupid to see through her misinformation and untruths. What a choice!


I found last night's debate informative, lively and refreshing. Yes, it got heated at times, but the issues were the target, not personalities. Finally we had informed adults on the stage.

Great news

As a visitor from North Carolina, I would like to thank you for all of the great articles about the Carolina Panthers and the Super Bowl 50. Quite an accomplishment for these young men.