Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 5

Who gets tickets?

How many left-lane drivers do you know who have received a ticket for slow driving? I know of none. How many speeders get speeding tickets? I know many. The most serious violation is obvious.

More gripes, please

Hey, lets hear some more griping about the poor driving skills of many on our South Mississippi roads.


Turn signals? Is there an app for that?

Lucky us

I woke up this morning from a toss-and-turn type night. Glad to be alive and living in America. Count your blessings, people. You could be waking up in the Middle East not knowing when the next bomb will go off.

Here's an idea

Why don't we just have Fort Knox transferred to the Kemper Power Plant. Looks like that is what it's going to take to get the plant operational.

Fix this road

The service road that leads from Canal Road in front of Wendy's and goes around to the Magnolia Hotel needs repairing. You take your life in your own hands because of the deep potholes. I am not talking one pothole, but rather several holes you can lose your car in. This has been getting worse for several years.

Help us

I have never seen such a whinny crybaby candidate like Donald Trump. He is the only one that is always crying about something. Heavens help us if he is elected.

Anyone know?

Does anyone know of a service station on the Gulf Coast that will pump gas for customers?

Great place

Read the paper about the train may be coming to your Coast. I met the people at your visitor's center in Bay St. Louis. You have a great Tourism Bureau. Hope they get you the train. We were in New Orleans and heart the ad on the radio that Hancock County Tourism put on. Told about all you have to do here. Great, job. Keep up the good work. We love it here.