Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 4

Silly me

I thought slower traffic left, stopping at traffic lights or four-way stops and using turn signals were just suggestions. And isn't 70 mph the minimum allowed speed?

Enough already

Enough of the left-hand, right-hand traffic debate. We've beaten that horse to death. Move on.

Too much emphasis

Forget Iowa. People put too much stock in the Iowa Caucus. Those people change their minds every day. The Iowa front runners in 2008 and 2012 did not win the GOP nomination. Given all the hype, you would think Iowa was the end all be all.

Next topic, please

My Lord! Is there nothing new for people to complain about and print in Sound Off other than these left lane and speeding concerns? This seems like it's been going on for weeks. As of today, I'll just skip this section and save some time reading the paper. Come on, people, get a life and if you have to complain, find a new subject.

Can't we all get along?

After reading all of the recent Sound Offs about the pros and cons of left lane driving (and I admit, I contributed), I can see what the real problem is. People just do not know how to drive. They do not know the rules, so they make up their own to suit their needs or desires. This includes the left lane drivers, the ones trying to pass the left lane drivers, the tail-gaters, the web surfers, phone talkers, and just about 80 percent of the rest of those out on the roads. With all of the bullies, scofflaws and incompetents out there, and very little police enforcement or interest, driving gets more dangerous every day. Can't we all just try to work together to solve this problem?

Kind deed indeed

Jan. 29 was a rough day for my wife and me, both seniors. We got up at 5 a.m for diagnostic tests. We left the doctor's office in Gulfport at 3:30 p.m., drove down Broad Avenue, and turned onto U.S. 90 East. A train was stalled, blocking traffic. We followed many others and turned off on 30th Avenue, getting in the right lane. Just before the railroad track a train stopped traffic. My wife turned off the engine, and we waited for what seemed at least 10 minutes. When it passed, my wife turned the key to start and nothing happened. We were blocking all right-lane traffic, very frustrating to those behind us. Soon two men in separate vehicles pulled into the lane ahead of us, got out and pushed our car out of the traffic lane and into the turning lane. Then one man got his truck in a position to jump-start us. These caring and compassionate men did this for us, complete strangers. They refused an offer of money. We thank our God for them and want Sound Off readers to know this.