Sound Off

Sound Off for Feb. 3

Not the Autobahn

U.S. 90 is not the German Autobahn. If I am doing 55 mph in the left lane, and you think I should move over, I am not going slow you are going are going too fast. Look up the causes of the majority of accidents -- speed and tailgating.

Obey the laws

Let's make a deal. I'll abide by the sign that says "Slower Traffic Keep Right" if you'll abide by the sign that says "Speed Limit 70 mph."


I can't believe that our country is punishing the poor for not having health care insurance. So, many people just cannot afford health care, even with the President's Affordable Health Care Program. Now, when they file their Income Tax forms, they are being fined for not having health care. The poor of this country do not deserve this.

Wrong lesson

I observed a student driver approach the intersection of Mississippi 53 and U.S. 49 in the left-turn lane, arrow green, signal light on. Good! Light turned yellow, student stopped. Good! Arrow turned red. Student driver proceeded to make the turn on red. Three students and instructor onboard. No wonder so many people run red lights. That's what they are taught to do.

The passing lane

This is for all the left-lane drivers. When driving in the left lane on the interstate where the speed limit is 70 mph and you are driving between 50 to 60 mph, look in your rearview mirror to see the dozen cars behind you. I find you to be rude and dangerous. As I pass someone on the left side, I will get over in the driving lane. Let's all be courteous and respectful when driving to keep our trips safe.

Enforce the laws

This is like the last straw. This morning the traffic light at Pass Road and Stennis Road was red for an eternity. A speeding driver in the left lane went through the red light as if it didn't exist. There was a pedestrian in the crosswalk about halfway across the road. The driver going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone at first veered toward him, straightened the car out and missed the guy by 2 feet at the most. I expect the police to read this and start a serious traffic enforcement policy around here.

Join the force

Since Sound Off is full of people stating they are left lane lovers and will drive in the left lane come hell or high water, I have this to say to them: Why do you want to be a bully? That is exactly what you're trying to be by driving in the left lane with traffic stacking up behind you. If you really want to be a policeman, then sign up and join a police force. That way, you can drive in the left lane slow and hold traffic up as long as you desire.